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The Measure of Success

A review of The Measure of Success by Carolyn McCulley

One of the hard parts about being a woman is knowing how to balance working, ambition, dreams, goals and being a wife and mother. Carolyn McCulley’s book tackles this issue from a Biblical perspective. The book didn’t try to win the fight over whether it’s ok for women to be in the workplace, but explains how women can use their ambition no matter what stage of life they are in.

I really enjoyed this book because she gives a historical look at the journey of women into the workplace. Before McCulley became a Christian, she went to school for feminist women’s studies. When I picked it up I had no idea it would be so historically educational! Hearing the backstory of how women came to the workplace really gave me perspective on how the expectations of women have changed over the years and how we ended up with the expectations of today.

One of my favorite parts is when she explains what was going on historically with different passages in the Bible. I don’t have to convince you how different the world is now from the days in the Bible. So you can see how it really makes a difference in how you interpret passages once you know what was going on in that time. That part was really meaningful to me because I find it fascinating to hear about the traditions, laws and rules going on during that time. To be able to understand God’s word better because of it’s historical context is really neat.

McCulley also gives advice for working with integrity, finding our identity and resting. Towards the end of the books she walks through different phases of life and how we can be productive in those times.

This book is for those who work in the workforce and also women who work as “stay at home.” But what’s really cool is she doesn’t ever call it being a “stay at home mom.” McCulley is lumping all work together and calls it “productivity.” So this book addresses all of our work no matter what kind of “productivity” we are involved in.

In a world that sends mixed signals about a woman’s role, this book tackles a lot of those expectations from a Biblical and historical perspective.

I felt encouraged, inspired, affirmed, challenged, and relieved when reading this book. I think it’s a great read for women no matter what stage of life they are in.

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