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Field of Dreams Confusion

“If you build it, they will come.”

I had the movie Field of Dreams all wrong…just like that quote up there. For those of you who’ve seen the movie…here’s my thoughts on it. If you haven’t seen the movie you’re going to be terribly confused.

Part of my new adventure in being an Iowan is to see this movie. The place they filmed is close to Cedar Rapids and Tony and I are going to go visit it soon!

I thought this movie was about a town that had no baseball field. So Kevin Costner decides he’s going to build it. For some reason everyone in the town opposes him. He has a really hard time building this place for the kids to play baseball. But he keeps thinking to himself, “if you build it, they will come.” In the end he finally gets the baseball field built and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened for the town. The end.

oh boy was I wrong.

First off the quote is “If you build it, HE will come.” The first time that creepy whisper filled Costner’s mind I thought, “What! It’s a horror movie?” I was just so confused. Then the field gets built in the first part of the movie and I’m like “what the heck is this movie about? Where is this going?”

It was a cute but cheesy movie and I totally get the point of fulfilling dreams and helping others fulfill their dreams…but I tend to over analyze things… so here you go.

Why did they even waste my time in that cheesy PTA meeting scene? Just so Uncle Buck’s girlfriend can punch walk down the hallway hyped up that she got to re-live the sixties again?

Then Costner goes all the way to kidnap Terrance Mann, the author of some book they used to like. He forces the guy to go to a baseball game at Fenway Park and they didn’t even stay for the whole thing! Baseball game tickets are expensive let alone at Fenway Park! and Costner is going bankrupt! But he has gas money to drive from Iowa to Boston and enough to buy two tickets to a Red Sox game and then not even stay for the whole game?

and if the whole time the creepy whisper guy was actually just Shoeless Joe…why did he make Costner go all the way to Boston so he could flash Moonlight Graham’s name on the scoreboard? Couldn’t Joe just have whispered the name instead? and that whole Moonlight Graham part is pointless anyway because really the main goal was to reunite Costner with his dad. Graham ends up not getting to play anymore anyway because he magically turns old!

I’d also like to know why Shoeless Joe didn’t just have Costner build the field and then bring his dad out there and surprise him. “Hey! look who I found out there in the corn!”

To top it all off, when Costner introduces his dad to his family, he catches himself before he says “this is my dad” like that would have just been too weird or confusing for his daughter to understand. There’s already a baseball field full of ghosts playing baseball, that only a select amount of people can see, you’re going bankrupt but decided to plow down your crop to build a baseball field and you’re hearing creepy whisper voices…but it’s too weird to say “this is my dad?”

Then, did Terrance Mann symbolically die or something? Or did the ghost players lure him like a siren does a sailor? He just wants to go into the corn to “see what’s out there” and chuckles while he disappears into it. Did he just die? Is he coming back? Did he become a ghost writer? (see what I did there?)

I have an idea for Field of Dreams the sequel. The people who were protecting Terrence Mann in Boston realize he’s been missing for a while. They remember Costner was there looking for him. They track Costner back to the farm and arrest him for the murder of Mann because he hasn’t come back out of the corn heaven and he’s still missing.



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