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The Day I Became a Super Hero

Everyone on earth has a super power, but not everyone uses it. Today I became a super hero to someone, somewhere, someday. I gave blood for the first time today. Blood is life. Someday my blood is going to be put into someone else who really needs it. Isn’t that a weird and crazy thought?

I’ve always been one of the ones to not use my super power. Not because I hadn’t thought about it. I was just terrified. 

My husband always gives blood. He always tells me I should too. I finally agreed to go this time even though I was still terrified.  

I thought about it all during my day. When it finally came time to go there, I could feel myself getting nervous. I tried to calm myself on the way there by reasoning out what was wrong with me. Why was I afraid to give blood? 

1. I think it will hurt

2. It totally wigs me out to think the blood is coming out of my body and I have to sit there and see blood coming out of my body!

3. there is no number three…

Ok, so that’s easy.

1. I’ve had blood taken before (which scared me to death too) and I remember it didn’t hurt.  

2. Get over it, crazy. Think about the person who is in desperate need of blood and your blood will help them heal or even save their life! You can do this! 

Here’s what happened

They took me into a private little room and looked at my ID. Then they took my blood pressure, pulse and pricked my finger. They left me there to answer a bunch of crazy questions about wild living, health, medications and travel. This is the part where you get to count your blessings…because you’ve never experienced the things they’re describing…I think they do that to calm your nerves right?  

After that it was time to suit up. You sit in what feels like a lawn chair recliner and they get all your stuff ready for take off. I just looked away and repeated my logical thoughts about why I should not be nervous and reminded myself about the person who would one day get my blood. I have to tell you my heart started beating really fast. So I tried to breathe really deep and slow. I was still really nervous. 

What it feels like

When it came time for the big moment. I kept my eyes away from the construction zone and just tried to talk to the nurse about meaningless things. Guess what…It doesn’t hurt. It really doesn’t. It feels like someone pushes on your arm with their finger tip. I kept my eyes in the other direction and focused on counting to 10 and squeezing this foam thing she put in my hand. If you are from Georgia you know how annoying the gnats are right? You know how you keep swatting them and they won’t go away? Thats what giving blood feels like. You can feel something on your arm that annoys you but you can’t get rid of it. It’s like a little annoying feeling. 

I wanted to tell you exactly what happened because I want you to know what to expect and what you will feel. I think we all should be using our super power and giving blood. It is one thing everyone can do to help someone in need. 

If you feel so nervous that you need some support, take a friend with you! I’ve got to be honest, I couldn’t have done it without my husband there! Next time I’ll be ok. But getting past that first time, the toughest thing to overcome is your own mind.

I want you to know this won’t be the last time I give. If I can get past my fear…you can too!

After I gave blood...with my fruit.

After I gave blood…with my fruit.

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