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Two of my posts on marriage made the list of top ten most read blog posts on Mom’s Morning Coffee! 

I am so excited to have struck a chord in readers but I also think this shows how much people are craving to make their marriage the best it can be. I’m so excited to see couples fighting for their marriage.

Here’s an excerpt of the two posts:


“Why You Should Study Your Husband” 

“…Marriage takes work. I know you know that. But if we aren’t even trying, its going to fall apart and we will be miserable along the way. Try! Try! Don’t give up! Even if your spouse isn’t responding, don’t give up! Whether they admit it or not, they will notice the difference and see the little changes you’ve been making. You’ve got nothing to lose if you try…but you’ve got everything to lose if you don’t…”


and from “My Husband My Friend”

“…Well, how do you make friends? Usually by doing activities together and sharing in conversation. My husband and I have a lot of similar interests, but many of those interests weren’t actually discovered until after we were married! We discovered them together! If you feel you don’t have common interests with your spouse, then find something! There are so many activities in the world, there has to be something you could do together….”

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