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Get Fit Now

If you are hoping for a healthier lifestyle in 2015 you are not alone. Half of the universe is making that resolution too. It sometimes seems overwhelming but as my friend Bob once advised me…take baby steps. (reference to the movie “What About Bob.” If you haven’t seen it you are missing out on life.)



I wrote a blog post for “Mom’s Morning Coffee” on some of the small things I do daily to live a healthier life. Here’s an excerpt:

“…I bought a jug I affectionately call “Bubba” (that’s actually the brand name). It’s from Walmart and it’s 64 ounces. My goal is to drink that once every day. Don’t drink your calories. Drinking water is a great way to cut sugar too. I do treat myself that one day on the weekends I can drink sweet tea at dinner. Gosh, I love sweet tea. But even then I sometimes choose not to, just so I can cut back on sugar. I even stopped drinking apple and cranberry juice for the simple fact that water has zero sugar.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

*Cheers to a healthier year!

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