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Get Out of my Dream House!


(Totally Hair Barbie. One of my Fav. Christmas memories as a kid was getting this doll!)

This week a moment I’ve been waiting for my entire life was announced.

A real life Barbie movie is in the works.

I am so excited to see my favorite childhood doll come to life. I can just see it now in all it’s pink sparkly glory! You can count on me to be there opening weekend too.

The announcement of the new Barbie movie has brought on a whole fresh wave of Barbie haters though.

The articles are spewing out with questions of how they’ll find the right actress who has the unrealistic Barbie proportions and how it’s giving young girls a bad self esteem and unrealistic expectations.

As they’d say in Happy Days….take your Barbie hate….go out in a field….and sit on it!

Good grief!

I adored Barbie, I had a whole tub full of different Barbies, I had a dream house, furniture, 3 cars and tons of clothes…I mean, the Barbie operation at my house was legit.

I would spend hours playing on my floor and have the best memories of my mom joining me to play!

I would add in my “Littlest Pet Shop” toys and Barbie’s job (along with her friends) was to work at the pet shop! She was the owner! Ken would stop by and ask her on a date. At the end of the day, she’d get in her Ferrari, dress up in a sparkly outfit and go to dinner with Ken. Then of course a few hours later they’d get married!

Never once in my entire childhood did I ever think about Barbie’s proportions! Never once did I ponder why or how it was possible that Barbie had so many jobs. Never once did I ask myself why Barbie had a Ferrari even though the only thing she did for a living was own a pet shop….but now come to think of it…maybe Barbie had so many jobs so she could pay for the Ferrari.

Because it’s a dream! It’s not real! It’s make believe!

Why is everyone so set on making Barbie the enemy? Whatever happened to letting kids be kids and letting them have an imagination…why does everything have to be like real life?

The first time I ever thought about Barbie’s proportions was when I was in college and adults started writing articles about it. The issue here isn’t Barbie, who let’s girls use their imagination. The issue is that girls need more positive role models in their lives. Girls need parents who will help them develop a good self esteem. Let’s step out of the dream house and take a look at our real life society.

Barbie doesn’t have time for haters…she’s got too much to do.

Who do you think would be the best actress to Play Barbie? My top picks for real life Barbie…in no order of importance:

Margot Robbie

January Jones

Kristen Bell

Katherine Heigl

Amy Adams

Rosamund Pike

Elizabeth Banks

Maggie Grace

Kristin Chenoweth


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