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My husband, my friend

I wrote a guest post for Mom’s Morning Coffee about being friends with your spouse.

Here’s a teeny sneak peek:

In the first month of being at Liberty University, we met in the school cafeteria, affectionately known as “the rot…”

…My husband is hilarious and I enjoyed spending time with him because we have a similar sense of humor. He is also easy going and just stinking pleasant to be around. We really were just great friends and would spend time together watching movies, jogging, and hiking. Those activities helped us bond, which eventually led to me thinking that I liked being around him so much, I never wanted to leave! He felt the same way too and put a ring on it. (jackpot!)…

…If you never got the chance to be your spouses friend before you fell in love with them, how do you work backwards like that?…”

To read the entire post and see flawsome pics of my husband and me, click here

Just friends! Freshmen year of college at a Halloween get together. My husband (on the end) was trying to pull off a “Saturday Night Fever” look. I went with the traditional farmer, who… you know, always ties their flannel shirt up to their waist like that.

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