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Mary-Kate & Ashley Waves

My sister and I used to bond together by watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies…when we were in high school/college. Before you go haten’ on us, we have many great sister inside jokes because of it.

Even though we might have secretly really liked the movies, the main reason we enjoyed watching was because of their hair and clothes.  I always wanted to look at their hair and try to figure out how to make mine look like theirs.

(and if you’re wondering which one of their movies is my favorite, ok fine, it’s Holiday In the Sun. Their hair and clothes are my favorite in this one. But I also like their one and only (finally!) big screen movie, New York Minute. I miigghhht actually own this on dvd. Hair and clothes are my double favorite in this one.)

My favorite look (and color) of all time on the twins is from around the years 2000-2003.

During this time they always did this beachy wave thing with their hair and I would watch in envy wondering how they did it…until one day…I figured it out!

Here’s my version of the Mary-Kate & Ashley hairstyle circa ’00-’03.

If you do your hair like this…you also have to learn how to smile like them too.

Directions for a MK&A smile: Purse your lips together and try to act slightly amused.

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