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Gone Girl

A Reflection on the Book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

From the moment I started reading Gone Girl, I was the one missing. I was trapped in their world and I didn’t want to stop reading. It kept me awake at night and I thought about it at work, making dinner and driving.  I soared through pages just trying to reach the end to see if my predictions were right. It’s hard to really discuss this book without giving much away, so I’m not going to say much.

Gone Girl is about Nick, a man who seems to have plenty of secrets, and how his world begins to unravel after his wife, Amy, goes missing one morning.

This twisted tale  is a horrifying and striking case of human behavior. I remain baffled at the characters, Nick and Amy, and the lack of communication within their marriage. But in today’s world, I’m sure many people can relate, poor communication seems to be a big part of many marriages.

Negatives: Gone Girl contains two negatives that made me want to run. First, an overwhelming amount of foul language. I understand it is part of the characters and for instance, if we were watching an action movie about gangsters, it wouldn’t seem normal for the bad guys to say “golly jeepers, fellas.” But I think Flynn could have made her point without such a large amount of expletives.

Second, sexual content that could have been toned down, again, I understand there were plot points to be made through this, but there are less graphic ways to make a point.

Positives: This book makes you realize the importance of communication especially within a marriage. It actually caused me to reflect on how I communicate and remember that my husband is not a mind reader and neither am I.

Ratings:  I give Gone Girl 5 running men because of the way it pulls you in and won’t let go. The curving plot, interesting characters, and strange situations kept me interested, constantly thinking, and trying to figure out how it would end.

Currently they are in the beginning stages of making the Gone Girl the movie! I am excited but nervous because I would really love to see it, but they’d really have to tone down the language and sexual content for me to watch it. Ben Affleck is playing the role of Nick and Rosamund Pike will play Amy. Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris are also rumored to be in supporting roles. If you’ve read the book, how do you feel about Ben and Rosamund as the leads? The movie is set to come out sometime next year!

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