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The Adventure So Far…

Here’s the details of my adventure  you won’t find on my “About” page


I’m proud to say I’ve received nicknames like “Sunbeam” and “Disney” all reflective of the fact that I have a bubbly personality combined with a positive outlook on life and I love making people smile. There’s something about getting to know a person that gets me charged up. The days I feel the most accomplished are when I know I’ve made someone else feel like the most important person in the world or just had a good conversation.

My Passions

The things in my life that bring me great joy are my relationship with God, my husband and my family. I’m a Christian and this impacts every aspect of my life. I love being married and shining a positive light on marriage is one of my passions. This began when I was about 14 and started writing letters to my future husband, although I didn’t know who he was at the time. Through the past 4 years of living with the love of my life, I’ve enjoyed the adventure of learning to be a wife from being my husband’s biggest cheerleader to tweaking recipes to make sure they always contain a meat and trying to solve the mystery of where all the dirty laundry comes from…so far it remains unsolved. I could spend hours thinking of new ways to style my hair and I enjoy teaching others how to style theirs. I strive to discover new recipes and like experimenting with food. I spend a lot of time reading books and I love discussing them with others as well as movies and TV.

My Wedding Day!

How It Began

I think it’s only natural I ended up in TV. From the time I was born, I’ve had a camera in front of me, my parents documenting everything. Seriously, we have enough footage of my childhood we could turn it into a reality TV show for the Disney channel. In high school, I took a media productions class that forever changed my life. It was during this class I realized I could get lost for hours editing video. My journey of TV began there, as I became a co-host of our school’s morning news program. I realized then how much I enjoyed presenting information to an audience, but I knew I didn’t want to venture into news because I wouldn’t be able to fully utilize my personality….oh the things we plan…right? After seeing Paige Davis on Trading Spaces, I thought to myself, “now that I can do!”

The Pursuit

I earned my B.S. in Broadcast Communications at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. My senior year I created a pilot for a student TV show, where I would interview film students on the movies they made. This project launched me into my first career in production, working for Liberty in the Center for Advanced Media Productions. I had the privilege of helping develop a student run TV show called “Option LU” (which is still alive to this day.) I produced, directed, edited, worked with students and hosted the show. On top of that, I was able to help create video content for Liberty University.

During my years working at Liberty, I found several on camera opportunities, I hosted two years of GodTV’s broadcast of “Winterfest,” a large music festival, I was a sideline reporter for Flames Sports Network and did freelance hosting for several Liberty broadcast programs. I also dabbled in commercials, theatre, ballet and radio.

After exhausting every avenue in Lynchburg, I moved to Albany, GA to do what I said I would never do…work in the news.  I currently work for WFXL Fox31 as the Morning Show Host for Good Day, Southwest Georgia’s only four hour long live morning show. I live an unusual life, sleeping during the day and working while everyone is asleep. I also wear many hats that include writing for the show, scheduling guests, and planning content. My favorite part of Good Day is interviewing guests and writing the entertainment news, I feel privileged to wake viewers up and get their day started off with a smile.

My co-host Joel and me filming OptionLU

Keeping it Real

I’m 99.5% sure I have Calculaphobia (the intense fear of math problems…seriously Time Magazine did an article on it!), even writing 99.5% gave me the heeby jeebys. I like exercising and I strive to eat healthy, but to be honest, watching TV while eating a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie (or 5) sounds a whole lot more enjoyable to me. Half the time I can’t figure out how to work the TV remote, but it could be because we have 4 different remotes that all pretty much do the same thing…or do they? My husband sometimes tells me I have a rubber face because of the way I can contort it to make him laugh. Most of the time I can’t repeat the faces, believe me, I’ve tried. I sometimes think I could be a 75 year old stuck in a 20 year old body, only because of my love of things from the 50’s. They just don’t make music, cars, or clothes like they used to! But I’m grateful for the advance in technology when I can figure it out.

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